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Most of the contents in this blog are written in Spanish. However, we have dedicated a whole category (Outdoor sports terminology) to talk about outdoor sports terminology in English. Also, despite being written mostly in Spanish, all the blog entries include a glossary where you can also find the terms in English, together with their equivalents in Spanish and German.

Our goal in this blog is talking about the wide outdoor sports terminology, give a definition of each term and concepts related to these sports as well as including small glossaries in different languages.

We will also write articles related to the outdoors, mountain books, films and documentaries reviews, and we will also publish translations made by ourselves of interesting texts we may find on the net. You can find below the list of categories and what contents you will find in each of them:


  • Historias y anécdotas: this is fully in Spanish and does not contain glossaries. Here, we write about outdoor adventures, legendary people and historic events.
  • Outdoor sports terminology: this is fully in English. Every entry focuses on one outdoor sports term and additional info is provided such as equivalents in other languages, grammatical categories, examples of the word in use, the field of the term, etc.
  • Book and film reviews: in this section, we give or comments and insights of mountain books, films and documentaries.
  • Terminología de los deportes de montaña: this is the Spanish version os «Outdoor sports terminology» category, so the contents are mostly the same.
  • Terminología de escalada (climbing terminology): those are long and detailed articles where we go deeper into specific terminology related to different aspects of the sport. We focus on specific areas providing full explanations of the terms together with a final glossary including the terms in Spanish, English and German.
  • Traducciones (translations): in this section, we share translations done in our free time of untranslated texts related to outdoors that we believe are interesting and worth sharing in other languages.


We made a glossary in English, German and Spanish that you can access from the upper right area of the blog so you can have at hand all the terms in the blog collected in a four-column table. The fourth column includes the link(s) to the blog article(s) which talk about the term. The glossary is updated with every new post-release.

How to take the most out this blog

The blog structure and contents may seem a bit chaotic, especially if you are looking for a special term, but you can use useful tools depending on your needs:


You can navigate the blog using the categories. On the section above you will find a description of which type of contents are included in each category. The list of categories is displayed at the footer of each page of the blog:


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Use the search box to look up a term. It will display all the blog articles addressing this the specific term.

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The glossary is a summary of all terms we explain in the blog. You can access the glossary from the right side of the header. You will find a list of terms in English, Spanish and German and also the fourth column including a link to the blog articles addressing this term.

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We hope you find what you are looking for! Otherwise, feel free to contact us by leaving a comment!

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