Outdoor sports terminology: Routesetter



The routesetter is the person who designs and sets the sport climbing routes or the boulder problems. They try to bring the climbing moves to artificial lines made with resin holds and volumes that generally try to imitate rock grips. The routesetter, also called setter, is also the person who creates a new sport climbing line on a natural rock wall with the use of a drill and bolts (among other elements).

NOTE: Climbing is one of the new sports included in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokio with three different disciplines: bouldering, lead climbing and speed climbing. The speed climbing route is always the same and was set by the French climber, Jacky Godoffe, about 13 years ago. You can listen to Jacky Godoffe in the video at the end of this post taking about routesetting.

Setter making a new sport climbing route. Source: Hilti


Route setter, setter

Additional info

Grammatical category: n.
Field: climbing
Source of the definition: Explore Translations

The word in use. Examples

Making Moves: Tips for Routesetters
Every indoor climber has experienced route setting and knows there is something more behind it than just throwing some holds on a wall, but how do they do it and what are the setters thinking? Nate McMullan is a Professional route setter, route setter trainer, founding member of the RSA (Route Setting Association) and Managing Director of Climbing Wall Services. In this article, he gives an insight into the work of route setters along with some helpful tips, whether you’re just starting out at your local wall or have been setting for a while..”
Source of the example: UKClimbing

Fuente: UKClimbing
Routesetters setting boulder problems in a climbing gym. Source: UKClimbing

Other languages (ES)

Spanish: equipador. See definition


Jacky Godoffe taking about routesetting (audio in French, subtitles in English)

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