Outdoor sports terminology: Barn door

Barn door


An involuntary movement of the body that happens when you lose the foot and hand holds on one side of the body. The body swings round, away from the rock, (as a barn door opening). It could also happened when your holds are on a vertical line on one side of your body and you hand is beyond the foot of the same part of the body.
Also written barn-door.

Additional info

Grammatical category: n. (also as verb)
Field: climbing
Source of the definition: Explore Translations

The word in use. Examples

“With a few deep breaths, Matt started charging up the arête, road-runnering his feet up the slick sandstone, and pausing to stuff TCUs into the rock intermittently. Near the top, he wavered, began barn-dooring, and peeled off. I held my breath.”
Source of the example: Climbing magazine

“Toe hooks can be used in the same situations, and are great for keeping your body close to the rock, preventing barn-doors, and giving you a chance to rest.”
Source of the exampleEastern Mountain Sports


Clear explanation of a barn door

Other languages (ES, FR)

Spanish: puerta. See definition
: partir en drapeau

Do you know this word in other languages?
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Escalador: Giannis Agathokleous. Fuente: blog de Eva López
Climber: Giannis Agathokleus. Source: blog de Eva López




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