Outdoor sports terminology: Highball



Word mostly used in US. A highball is a high and dangerous boulder problem. A fall could result in serious injuries. How high should be a problem to become a highball? There is no specific number. Some would say a 5 or 6 m high boulder is a highball, others that nothing below 8 m is a highball…

Additional info

Grammatical category: n.
Source of the definition: Explore Translations

The word in use. Examples

“Nina Williams has climbed the 50-foot highball Ambrosia (V11), completing her highball trifecta on the Grandpa Peabody Boulder in Bishop, California.”
In an “Snapshot” interview with Rock and Ice published in issue 231 (January 2016), after sending Footprints, Nina explained how Ambrosia and Evilution Direct were the only highball problems remaining on her tick list, and after climbing them, she would be done with highballs.
Source of the example: Rock and Ice

“Nothing is worse than manteling out the final moves on your highball boulder project (nice send), only to realize you don’t know how to get down—it’s possible that you just climbed the easiest route to the top.” 
Source of the exampleClimbing magazine

Other languages (ES, DE)

Spanish: tsunami. See definition
German: Highball
Einfache Blöcke zum Aufwärmen, einige Highballs und schöne harte Linien liegen hier nah beieinander. Neverland (7C), Varas (7B), der Highball Over the Moon (7B) und Life is Good (7A) – die Liste der Schmuckstücke in der näheren Umgebung ist lang. Und so machten wir uns abends nach einem erfolgreichen ersten Bouldertag ziemlich platt, aber zufrieden auf den Weg zurück ins Ferienhaus.
Quelle: Klettern

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Nina Williams on the send of the 50-foot highball Ambrosia (V11). Photo: Nayton Rosales. Source



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