Outdoor sports terminology: Crater, deck, grounder

Crater, deck, grounder

They are quasi-synonyms. Let’s see the definitions:


Crater: The act of falling and touching the ground when climbing with a rope. It might be the result of a careless belaying or a zipper.
Deck, deck out: according to the Rock Creation Dictionary, the deck is “the usually unfriendly surface that welcomes you at the end of a grounder”. So decking out if falling and touching the ground as a result of a bad belaying or a zipper.
Grounder: a fall that ends touching the ground (it can be fatal).

Additional info

Grammatical category:
Crater: v.; deck: n., v.; deck out: v.; grounder: n.
Field: Climbing
Source of the definition: Explore Translations

Words in use. Examples

“Learning to belay, or preventing your climbing partner from breaking his legs or cratering (that is to say, potentially dying), is treated more as a formality rather than the weighty responsibility it actually is.”

“If you think the gym is safe because there’s a padded floor, imagine falling from 45 feet up. Your leg bones, right before they shatter into smaller pieces, will punch into that gymnastic foam like a Capri Sun straw into foil. I’ve seen the craters.”
Source of the example: Climbing

“In March of 2013, I decked from the top of my gym during a local onsight competition.  I slipped off the last move of the route and fell 35 feet to the ground, without any friction of the rope to slow the descent.”
Source of the example: Rock climbing women.

“Or that time I took a 15-foot grounder when the rope zipped through your belay device because you had both hands on a sandwich. That was seriously not cool.”
Source of the example: Rock climbing women.

Clarifying news and video: Rock and Ice magazine

Other languages (ES, DE)

Spanish: picar suelo. See definition
Grounder, Bodensturz

Do you know this word in other languages?
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