Outdoor sports terminology: Zipper

Zipper (EN)

Definition: The terrible moment when the protections pull out one after another in a fall. It may result in a grounder (worst case scenario) or in yellings of relief.
Source of the definition: Explore Translations
Grammatical category: n. / zipper out (v.)
Field: climbing
Synonyms: zipper effect
“I do a lot of trad climbing in Eldorado Springs, and just recently I have begun to notice how many climbers do not make their first placement multi-directional. Fortunately I have not seen anyone’s protection zipper out when they fall.”
Source of the example: Rock climbing

“To prevent a zipper, the first piece shoud be a cam or a set of opposed nuts that can handle a downward or outward tug (or even a sideways pull if the belayer is positioned to the side or if the pitch traverses.”
Source of the example: Rock climbing. Mastering basic skills. 2nd Edition.

Cremallera (ES)

Definición: la cremallera o el efecto cremallera se produce cuando saltan varios seguros en una caída.
Fuente de la definición: Explore Translations
Categoría gramatical: n. f.
Campo: escalada
Sinónimos: efecto cremallera
“He vivido en mis carnes cremalleras aterradoras con caídas de más de 20 metros, momentos difíciles y otros muy gratificantes.”.
Fuente:  Desnivel N. 252

Other languages (FR, DE)

FR: déboutonner (v.)
DE: Reißverschlusssturz

Source of terms in other languages:
Rock Creation Dictionary

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