Outdoor sports terminology: Crux



The most difficult section or move on a climbing route. The grade of a route is usually based on the difficulty of this section.

Additional information

Grammatical category: n.
Field: climbing, bouldering, mountaineering
Source of the definition: Explore Translations

The word in use. Examples

“With my toprope, I climbed the upper 600 feet of Moonlight Buttress twice. The crux of the whole route –the hardest single passage, which is the make-or-break stretch of an ascent– is an amazing clean inside corner, 180 feet long.”
Source of the example: Alone on the wall, Alex Honnold with David Roberts

“Climbs are rated by the hardest move on the route. A person who is a solid 5.8 climber theoretically should be able to climb through the crux (the hardest part of the climb) on any route rated 5.8 regardless of the type of rock or area they climb at.” 
Source of the example: Outdoors with Dave

Other languages (ES, FR, DE, IT)

Spanish: paso clave, paso duro. Check Spanish definition
: crux, passage clé
German: Crux, Schlüsselstelle
Italian: passo chiave, passaggio chiave

Source of terms in other languages:
Rock Creation DictionaryDizionario dell’arrampicata

Alex Honnold peleando en el paso clave de Necessary Evil (8c+) en Virgin River Gorge, Arizona. Foto: James Lucas. Fuente

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